Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Crazy Handlebar set up...

Saw these at Hubbard & Cravens at 49th & Penn in late August. I honestly couldn't figure out how it all worked. Lovely though.

I'm #

Not really, but I do love this every time that I see it. It's on the inside of an ancient elevator in Indianapolis, can anyone name that builiding?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ride Your Bike

I asked Matt Kelm to design a Ride Your Bike poster. He's an amazing designer and did a great job with his illustration, all by hand. He's much more detail oriented than I could ever be. I made a rectangle and reversed the type out to fit the space a bit better and to be a bit closer to my original design. I screen printed about 30 of these and sold almost every one through Flatland Kitchen. They've gotten rave reviews, mostly because again, Matt is better than me. He actually submits things, which always helps with recognition. These pictures are from Matt's site;

Farm Signs.

I really like signs. I found these while visiting family in Northern Indiana.

Fixing a Chair

My wife sat on our son's wood and masonite chair. It cracked. I replaced the Masonite w/ Acrylic. Here's how it all looked.

Friday, February 12, 2010

The New Delivery Truck

The new delivery truck is a 1973 Raleigh International w/ a modified trailer. Together we can carry a pretty large, heavy load.

Magnetic Fields Poster

Brandon Heath designed this poster and we screen-printed the bejeesus out of it. I like to think it turned out nice.

EG Nolan / Flatland Kitchen Studio

Since EG Nolan shares our studio space with Flatland Kitchen (the collaborative effort of Eric and Rebekah Nolan) things get a bit tight. These shots were taken by Eric during a poster printing session with renowned Indianapolis designer Brandon Heath.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy poster

I designed and hand screen-printed this poster for Will Oldham and White Magic's last stop in Indy. Unfortunately for everyone involved my family and I were in Tennesee and missed the show. We also missed Bill Callahan doing an in-store the same weekend. We get 3 decent shows a year in Indy and missed 2 of them in one weekend.

Silver Jews Poster

I designed and hand screen printed this Silver Jews poster for their first and last Indianapolis show. This particular poster was printed over the flux poster below.

Senior Exhibition Poster

This poster was designed by my Visual Communication senior class at Herron School of Art and Design for our senior exhibition. The poster is a split fountain over a clear varnish. I printed these with the help of Brandon Heath and Marshall Jones.

Cardinal Bicycles

Joe and Shawn of Cardinal Bicycles commissioned these bicycle graphics. They are cut vinyl applied to the bicycles. All of the cardinals utilized reflective vinyl which looks amazing in the dark when hit by light. They are currently in the process of making and selling "the original sin"s (their first 100 bikes). These are beautifully hand-crafted bike frames and forks, I suggest you contact them and buy one.

Flatland Kitchen Identity

My wife Rebekah and I run Flatland Kitchen, our outlet for collaborations. We screen print, illustrate, design and make everything from 7" covers and posters to exhibits and environmental graphics together. We hand screen printed and hand stamped the business cards. The sign is made out of found 3" foam, painted green and hand screen printed with a metallic gold leaf pattern. The sign base is a lamp we got at the infamous Woodruff Sale this past June.

Joe's Cycles Sign

This sign was commissioned by Joe's Cycles in the Fountain Square district of Indianapolis, IN. I worked with the existing identity and made the interior of the sign out of acrylic while the exterior is a carbon fiber wheel and rubber tire. I also hand-screened the Ride Your Bike poster in the background.

Business Cards

These cards are all hand stamped by me. They were made from found cardboard from miscellaneous boxes.